Friday, September 28, 2007

Weedeater engine is running again!

After several days of not, the engine is running! It took three carb rebuilds/cleanings, and alot of fine tuning, but it finally runs and idles now! woot!

I even busted out the treo and made a movie of it!

Part one:

Part two:

(note: audio SUCKS)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


it would appear as though i haven't blagged anything in a while

so here goes



I recently learned of (via kory) a service called ruckus, which offers free, DRM-injected music, to people that have an email address ending in .edu. Turns out I have one, thanks to BCCC.

that is all. your previously scheduled programming will now continue.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


yays! had a module exam tonight, for chapter 4 of the CCNA cisco class thing.

10 questions.

got one wrong, not bad.

i knew the answer to the question, but the provided answers were slightly different than what I had studied, ohwell.

that is all, you may now resume your scheduled programming.

Monday, September 17, 2007


So today, I finally got my old Mathematica license transfered. Back in 2005, when I used an iMac G3/600Mhz with 10.2.8 as my main computer, and surfed the interwebs with dialup (3 months later we got highspeeds). I got a copy of Mathematica 5.2 Student, 32bit. 5 months later, I got an iMac G5/1.9GHz, and decided to switch to a copy of mathematica 5.2 64bit, for more powah or whatever. About 2 months after THAT, I had to wipe the G5's system, as it was acting up, and reinstall. Due to the way wolfram (the people that make mathematica) does licensing, I couldn't just reinstall and use the old numbers, I had to do a whole big thing of getting a new license number and password and whatnot. free, but time consuming.

on comes 2007, and I've got my fancy 'new' thinkpad.  I decided after a while, I'd like to have mathematica again, so I did another license transfer (this time only taking a few hours) and I now have mathematica 5.2 32bit on my thinkpad, woot.

I also have mathematica 2 (?) on my 25Mhz Macintosh Quadra 700. I've been trying some 3D graphing on it, but it doesn't go over well. Here's one that took about 10 minutes on the quadra, then crashed halfway through drawing, due to a lack of RAM. (hey, 4MB is tight). It took under a second on my 1,700,000,000Hz thinkpad.

Click the pretty picture for an even BIGGER version of the same thing!


Here's another one of those pictures. Looks interesting how it was shot at an angle.
Click the picture for a (much) higher res version.
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rocks and water

This is a picture of a pile of rocks on the edge of a river, with some plants grwoing on them. In the background you can see a train tressel, some water, and clouds, etc, etc.
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Saturday, September 15, 2007


today I made an awesome discovery.

and had to post about it in my blag.

it turns out, that quite often, the 'sky' can be a light blueish color, and sometimes white or whiteish grey things called 'clouds' can cover up the blueness.

i think i'm going to write to popular science and see if they'll accept this information as scientifict fact.

i'm so cool

Another IRC victory.

[16:09:55] * Aeroraptor runs bubbleman7546 through with an old rusty trowel

Lawl, blagging from werd!

Looks like kory was ryte, werd2007 CAN upload to blags! Powah to dab lag! wooOOoo!


oooh what fun! a blag!

the only reason I signed up for this 'blagger' thing was because kory mentioned something about it working with Office 2007, which is a piece of software I happen to love using. So I guess I should be using Office 2007 to write this instead of the cruddy web based interphace.

in other news, I got my Quadra 700 to talk to my old serial multiplexer (which is pretty much a giant modem with four serial ports. alot like a.... DSL + Router combo box, but lots cooler) which means my minidin 8 to db25 serial cable DOES work. just not with printer.


in other other news, I think I'll head down to the library today and either A) study for cisco stuff B) write more crap in here or C) hang out and be cool.

yay blagging