Friday, September 12, 2008

gigabit ethernet G4 and work

The other day Lando and I hit up the ECU surplus, and we both picked up dual 450MHz gigabit ethernet G4s for $30. Unfortunately they had neither RAM nor HDD, but when we brought them back to my place we got them set up with parts. Right now mine has 512MB RAM and a few different HDDs in it, with OS 10.4/OS9/maybe Debian later on it. I've also clocked it to be a dual 500 now, which is pretty cool.

Also, I officially start work on monday, mostly it'll be getting oriented and meeting all the people in charge of stuff. I'll also probably get paired up with a "tutee" which will be pretty cool.

Right now I'm thinking about nabbing up another HDD for it and giving debian a whirl.