Thursday, October 11, 2007

omg jame!

Kitten pictures:



yay jane :)
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Weedeater engine sans muffler

So today I got bored again, so I decided to go outside and work on the weedeater engine, see if I could get fuel to stop leaking around the tank gasket, get the mixture trims set just right, etc. Once I got that stuff done (fuel line needs a new gasket thing) I decided to have some 'fun' and take off the muffler, and run it. It works, but it results in a VERY loud and shakey engine, instead of a highpitched grumble there is a high pitched cackle, and it's almost impossible to control.

I attempted taking a video of it with leTreo650, this is what I got:

Unfortunately, it doesn't sound much different than when I ran it with the muffler on. Kinda bummed about that.