Thursday, May 29, 2008

computing issues and such

As of recent I've been having a few weird problems with windows. The main one I can think of at the moment is probably the most important, and it's to do with net speed. Normally my speed is really fast. 1.2mB/s down and such, but sometimes it will just drop to half, then less, then less, then to the point where even the router's homepage times out, on wifi and ethernet. At first I thought I had a bad enet cable, but since wifi does it too that's not possible. When I boot to ubuntu, the problems go away. Since it's not hardware or the router, ir has to be drivers or windows. I wouldn't put it past drivers, seeing as I recently ran lenovo system update and that actually killed the ability for me to open the power manager or the presentatoin settings. So yeah, I think soon I'm going to do a standard full backup and then wipe it and reinstall, it's about time to do that /anyways/ ...

So in the mean time, I'm rebooting to ubuntu 8.04, which is working pretty well, except the ff3rc1 integration is -terrible-. Flash crashes alot and the fonts are never right. Lets see if it gets fixed any time soon. Until then I can use opera.