Thursday, May 15, 2008

Updates and whatever

Turns out I haven't blogged in a while, I guess I forgot about having a blog to begin with. Lets see.. what's happened since I last blogged. For starters I got rid of vista and bumped down to XPp again, then installed the SP3 update. That's been going well pretty well so far. I'm mostly using Ubuntu 8.04 on the R61i though, and that's been going really really well compared to other ubuntu user sessions and whatnot. Been getting really good at handling it. The hardware 3D support is nice too.

Also, I got a 500GB seagate HDD for the server, too. Cost $70 from, good deal I thinks. This means the server now has about 920GB usable storage, 500, 80, 80, 40, and an external USB 300. Putting all sorts of downloads and backups and everything on it. Hannah is also here for a few days, which is oodles of fun. We downloaded leopard and put it on my old imac (hers now) which is a 1.9 G5, leopard runs great on it. Matthew was here for a few days, and he helped me set up the drives in the server.

Also, brown library added two desk, next to power outlets. FINALLY. So I can have a desk+power+wifi instead of random combonations of them. Very awesome.