Thursday, April 10, 2008

A new day!

It's a new day and there's lots of stuff to do, or at least contemplate doing.

For starters, I got up at 6:30 like I do every tues/thurs and had a bowl of cereal and prepared for class. Not much to do, just make sure my assignment was packed and my books were there. I stood around waiting for Mom and Dad to get ready; Mom was getting dropped off at the community college library and Jennifer (the woman she works for, they do Upholstery work out in Terra Ciea/Pantego) was going to come pick her up there, then Dad was taking the car to get it inspected. I walked out the front door with my bookbag, fully packed with english books, cisco books, and the R, because I didn't know if I'd have to rough it out at the library for eight hours again.

I did my standard pocket check like I always do: first front left, two pens, 4 quarters, check. Next was front right, treo, check. Then back right, flash drive and few papers, check. Lastly back left, wallet, few dollars for potential lunch, check. All set, ready to go.

The drive was uneventful as it usually is, though a bit hazy. Got to class at about quarter to eight, a little later than I like but fine. Only one other person there, we chatted for a bit. The rest of class went by without anything happening, we discussed our next paper and the fact that we only had six classes left, and we got the assignment. With thirty minutes left we mostly sat and discussed the assignment, and I spent some time trying to get the emos' road map off my arm. Got out at around ten after nine, pretty typical cause that class goes fast. Walked out of class and looked for the car, not seeing it at first I head for the library, chatting with a girl in my class (Allison) who knew a good friend of mine (Jade) from Terra Ciea, apparently they work together. Close to the library I saw Dad in the car and head over. On the way back we discuessed my assignment some.

Upon arrival I noticed that the grass was really high, so I went around back and cleaned up the yard a bit to mow. I took the cover off the mower (to protect it from rain, since we don't have a shed) and primed it up. Thankfully it started right up and the back mowed with no problems, only hitting (and therby shredding) a few sticks. Tim, or neighbor, was at work so his car wasn't there, and I could easily move the mower to do the driveway and front. While doing the driveway I A) ran right into the rose bush (ow) and B) slammed the mower into the bus (thankfully no scratches.) I pulled it to the front and it kicked up a good bit of gravel, kinda regret not stopping it, and did the median. There was a dead squirell in the gutter that I should probably do something with. The mower ran out of gas about half through doing the yard, so I'll go out and get some later.

Came back inside, threw in some food, set up the R on my desk in just enough time to go back down and eat it, then came back up here. I've started reviving some of my music library from backups and building a new one using songbird, which is my new favorite music player. I opened up google earth and started panning around this area just for run, and it seems like they added some new imagry for this area, which is at least five years old, unlike the previous areas which were twenty or more. They also got some brand freaking new imagery for really rural areas, which knocked my socks off. I mean really, the areas they had were probably populated by no more than thirty people, it was almost all farms. Unfortunately they stopped with the new images about two miles from my school, and started it again about five miles after, hopefully the get that area and washington really soon, I'd like to see clear imagery of that area.

That's what I have done, here's what I have to do:

Brush up on my Cisco Access Control List stuff. We have the module exam tonight and I need to refresh my memory. Also get gas for the mower... not sure when this will happen but hopefully soon. I also need to do a little bit of cleaning up in here, and I'll prolly start my assignment. Other than that I'm pretty much free.