Monday, October 1, 2007


As none of you obviously know, the only hobby shop that resided (resode?) in greenville left 6 months (or so) ago, apparently gone forever. This troubled me, because I enjoy(ed) going there and browsing through the models making stuff and the model kits and such things. Apparently, they've returned, still in the mall, just in a different area (spensers took over their old place, whooptie doo). I went there today, with mom, and browsed around a bit. They're pretty much the same, but most of their art stuff is gone, and they sell alot of crappy toys now, many of them being the cheapy made-in-china-coated-in-lead ones, the ones that build character. Turns out they do still sell Guilow's balsa model aircraft, the ones that even fly if you don't build 'em like I do! I decided to get one, its a Cessna "Bird Dog", cost about $8.

I've had two of these in the past. My first one was a P-51 Mustang. Dad and I got in back in like, 1999, and we built the fuselage, but never went any further. Later, in 2003 or so, I decided to bust it out and work on it. I made the wings and tail section, but never got around to skinning it, so it never had a chance to fly. I bought it to school one day for a show-and-tell type dealie in 7th grade, and it got destroyed, so I tossed it.

Then I got another one, by the same company, a "chipmunk". Quite a nice little plane, I built it fast, in about 3 days. however, when i was making it, I had it pinned too tightly to the workboard, so the right elevator was warped when it came out. Never the less, I skinned it, and mounted the propeller and everything. It flew a grand total of one time, upon landing it hit some concrete steps and the right wing was smashed within seconds. A bit disapointing. I think it got trashed eventually as well.

I hope this one goes better. I have a better workspace this time, and I'm not going to try and rush through it, so hopefully I end up with a nice plane, weather or not it flies.