Thursday, August 14, 2008

An SE, cat, thinkpad, and dell server walk into a bar...

Oh, and a scanner.

This blogpost serves no real purpose, I just wanted to take a picture.


So yay, both my books came today, happily early. That's the thing about media mail; sometimes it's crazy fast, sometimes it takes three weeks, there's no telling. The two books I got are the textbooks for my world civ 1 class, and for my argument based research class. The former was $80 and the latter was $60, bookstore prices. From I got them for $40 and $12 respectively. That is saving $90. God how I love online used bookstores.

The best thing is that they're in epic condition. The english book is freaking brand new and the world civ is lightly used, but neither have any writing or whatever on them. They're also fairly small books, so having them, and possibly my cisco book, plus a laptop and notebooks in my backpack will not kill me. That makes me a happy person.