Monday, December 15, 2008

[this title intentionally left blank]

So, it would appear as though I haven't blogged since mid-September, which oh-so-slightly goes against my "One Blog Post Per Day" crusade. Whoops. I guess a lot has happened since then, for example four days after my last post Hannah turned 20, which is of course fun. I got a 640GB HDD for the server in keeping with the "lets tell the blog reader(s) about the server" fad. I sold the thinkpad to Ian, should be mailed some time today.

Honestly I didn't even really want to blog at all, it's just that I'm sitting here in the library on my acer aspire one (oh yeah, I bought one of these suckers) and I need to be working on my final for english, but I'm at a bit of a block making my claim sound nice and fluent, but I really really want to type, so I figured the only place where I could really sit down and type lots and lots of things without boring someone (i.e. in irc) would be a blog, either that or a word document that could constitute a blog or journal.

That's one thing I've been somewhat excited about doing since getting the aao yesterday- I can more easily keep a decent written journal for pretty much anything. One thing I have found is that this keyboard is nowhere near as bad as I anticipated from looking at pictures, I'm cranking a nice handful of words per minute, not sure how many but it's not bad; I think I've only been writing this blog post for the past 5 minutes, and that include inline edits. And it's only bound to be longer because I really like typing on this keyboard. It's a very nice little tactile thing, very curious considering its size. So far my only size related complaint is because I'm so tall, it's hard to set it on my lap and write. I can put my ankle up on my knee and wrest it on the intersection, but then my leg gets sore.

The battery doesn't last all that long either, but wherever I look around I see outlets, so I'm not concerned in the least about that. Next semester I plan to use it liberally, takings lots and lots of notes in HIS112. One more reason for me to be happy about getting it so much before the semester starts, I have lots and lots of time to get really really proficient on the keyboard. I also have onenote 2007 all setup and ready to go, it will be interesting to see how that plays out, seeing as I've never used a laptop in a real serious lecture/notetaking environment before. Though, considering the rate at which I was writing in that class, I'm not all that concerned that I'll have trouble keeping up on the keyboard, especially considering that I wont be typing full sentences or editing, just line, line, indent, line, out indent, line, etc.

*pops fingers*

All in all I've been incredibly impressed with this little sucker. I has no problems doing what I like to do, and can very easily play a hulu video while I do skype with the internal webcam and have several documents and IRC open. No lag at all. Because of this, I do not think I will upgrade it to 1.5GB RAM. If 1 is enough for all the crazy stuff I'm doing now, it will certainly be enough for what I'm going to be doing come january.

THe one thing I have to train myself for, honestly, is the trackpad. I haven't used one fluently in over three years, so it will be interesting. I've already installed an app that allows me to two finger tap for right click, and two finger drag to scroll. That makes things much nicer.

As per heat output, it's not objectionable. The palmwrests get a little warm, as does the bottom. With a program called "aa1 fan control" I can set exactly when the fan kicks in, which is great. Unlike ubuntu, though, windows has a harder time locking the processor to one speed or another- typically when using battery I want it locked at 800MHz, and on power I want it to dynamically switch. I may have gotten it locked though, through the windows power manager thing.

Oh! Speaking of windows- it came with XP home SP3 with two pieces of crapware- mcafe or whatever antivirus and some intervideo dvd player; ironic for an opticaldriveless netbook. Anyway, I thought that right away I would trash XPh and pop XPp on here, but to my surprise XPh isn't at all what I thought it was. In fact, it's really nice to use, and is very fast. There are a few features here and there that I would rather have from XPp, but I can make due for the most part. Is that make due or make do btw? I can never remember for that sort of thing.

I think I'll stop writing for now and either plug in, browse the web, or just sit and stare blankly at the pretty fluorescent lights.