Tuesday, April 15, 2008


oh, and I got a 95% on said exam, turns out I didn't forget everything! :-D

Finally took ACL exam

so after like... four classes of only going over the INTRO exam we decided that before we forgot everything there was to know about access control lists we might as well go ahead and take the freaking exam, it is the last one of the bunch, so now we just have to focus on the final(s) and reviewing for the INTRO.

I also learned something interesting about that: If I get an 80% or higher on the final, and then take and pass the voucher exam (more or less another final) I get $25 off the exam price ($100.) Also, if I pass the exam, the community college will give me $50 just for doing it, because they're so hard pressed to get some CCNA graduates. So $25 is pretty reasonable, eh?