Thursday, September 18, 2008

Winders FLP

Last night I was bored sitting around, so I decided to give Linux Mint a go on the Athlon, using my spare 80GB sata drive. About five minutes after I got it installed and updated, I was like "Yeah, I still really don't like linux..." so I pondered alternatives. I remembered that I have a great CD for Windows XP FLP, which is basically what you get when you mix Windows 2000 and Windows XPpro speed wise, but in terms of actual usability it's just like incredibly fast Windows XP. I installed that (in about 20 minutes!) and then got my drivers up and going, and I've had no problems whatsoever. This will probably end up becoming my actual production OS on the Athlon. It runs things like itunes8 and picasa3 just like as they were in Win XP. The only "problem" I've had thus far is SP3 not wanting to install, but that doesn't make the biggest of differences to me, because I can get all the other updates.

Monday, September 15, 2008


It's officially Monday, which means I start work today, which is awesome. Right now I'm sitting in the library during my 20-30 minute pause between classes, reading over my little English assignment and pondering adding some more to it. Recently a friend of mine/classmate and I have been working collaboratively on our English work over Skype, which has been pretty cool. The work that we did last night, though, I think is actually due Wednesday according to my notes, but I'm not really sure what we were supposed to have in today. I guess it can't hurt to have the extra work in earlier.

As I sated above, though, today is they day when I officially start work. It sounds like the agenda is to first get orientated, i.e. meet all the people in charge, figure out how to work the time sheets, label my mailbox, etc. After that I'll get assigned a student and we'll go over that type of stuff. Should turn out to be a rather interesting day, I hope.

On another note, due to Lee going on about how great Jaguar (OS 10.2.8) was on his Pismo, I busted out my copy (pressed!) and put it on the gigabit ethernet. Aside from having massive problems initially with video, due to having a much newer card, it actually ran really nicely, and brought back some nice memories of when OS X was new and I actually loved macs and all that. Oddly though, when it sits for a while, unused, for maybe an hour it will randomly Kernel panic. Maybe it just needs to be loved, or maybe jaguar is incredibly unstable when it comes to my OC job. Who knows!

Friday, September 12, 2008

gigabit ethernet G4 and work

The other day Lando and I hit up the ECU surplus, and we both picked up dual 450MHz gigabit ethernet G4s for $30. Unfortunately they had neither RAM nor HDD, but when we brought them back to my place we got them set up with parts. Right now mine has 512MB RAM and a few different HDDs in it, with OS 10.4/OS9/maybe Debian later on it. I've also clocked it to be a dual 500 now, which is pretty cool.

Also, I officially start work on monday, mostly it'll be getting oriented and meeting all the people in charge of stuff. I'll also probably get paired up with a "tutee" which will be pretty cool.

Right now I'm thinking about nabbing up another HDD for it and giving debian a whirl.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Holy Cannoli!

So dang, haven't exactly blagged in a while. Guess there's a bit of stuff you readers out there are wondering about. The most recent post I made was about how I had purchased the parts. We'll, they've long since gotten here. One of the RAM sticks was bad so I had to send it back, I should get replacements tomorrow. Hopefully.

-a night passes-

Last night I never really finished writing that post, so I'll finish it up here. According to UPS, my RAM stick is not only coming today, but it's on the truck. When I get it the first thing I'll do is run memtest86+ for a few hours to make sure there are no problems. I don't wanna risk it.

Right now I'm at the community college library, waiting for 10. At 10 is when I go in to start my official interview for being a paid tutor here at the community college. A few days ago Dr. Davis (my awesome english teacher) came up to me and asked if I was interested in tutoring other students in ENG111 topics such as expository and creative writing, and some developmental english. It sounded good to me, plus I could really use a job, so I went to talk to the Student Support Services counselor yesterday and we talked about the job for a bit and I filled out an application and all. It sounds pretty awesome, basically just student to student peer help, which is something I already do with other people in my class, but with perks. One being $7.50/hr, after I do the tutor training, another being that I get unbridled access to a little mail slot and even my own office of sorts. I'll be tutoring up to three different students, maybe one or two more, but not more than two at a time, which is good for me cause I'm best at one on one.

I guess that's pretty much it. It's 9:30 now so I'm going to go ahead down there and see if she's around.