Monday, August 11, 2008


So I dug out my good old Indigo2 just now, as well as the massive monitor. I think I got this from landon a few months ago, It's an R4400 250MHz, IMPACT MG10 graphics, 192MB RAM, 4ish GB HDD, and a CD drive. Has Irix 6.5 now, which I may reinstall.

Pretty simple setup, works nicely though.

Oh mah god, it lives!

So apparently before declaring it dead and being all bummed out, I should have checked the right speaker's connection to the actually machine. I moved the cable to the front headphone jack and I get good stereo now, but I do wonder if that bad jack is bad or something. I'll have to do more poking around.

R. I. P. Left Speaker

I just now noticed that when playing music on my speakers, the audio seemed to be primarily coming from the right speaker, which is the control, meaning it has the amp and inputs and that stuff, as well as the jack for the left speaker to connect to. Now, this has happened a few times before, but usually the cable just fell out of the jack or something. This was not the case, it was well seated in there. I tried wiggling the cable, I tried checking the audio driver software, I tried playing tons of different songs as well as tones that warble from speaker to speaker.

Guess this means I'll be shopping for a new set of speakers now.


Redoing XP on the Athlon

So basically after I got xubuntu all installed on the athlon, I decided to boot back to XP and do something, but unfortunately the install of XP got canned. I don't feel like going into the details because it's so depressing but basically I had to end up doing a COMPLETE reinstall, loosing datas. Most of them were mirrored on the thinkpad so it was ok.