Sunday, August 10, 2008


Suiting. The second I publish that post, the GX1's updates finish. Tsk tsk tsk.

In other news, it has started to RAIN! Which means the fan in my front window is pulling in deliciously cool air. Mmmmm it's nice. Also, starting to install on the athlon.

Woot! (and rambles)

I just came back upstairs, and the xubuntu install is finished!

[presses enter to reboot]


You know, the main disadvantage to having 320MB RAM in an old system like this is waiting so long for it to be tested, I think last time I timed it it took about 40 seconds, and that was with 256MB.

[waits more]

Woot, GRUB :D

Woot again, Xubuntu booting/loading bar! I'm just now noticing this, but the HDD activity LED on the front of the GX1 doesn't appear the be blinking. Odd...

Yay, at the login prompt now! It's funny when your OS starts faster than your RAM tests. I remember when I ran BeOS on this (still do, actually) it took about a minute to boot to the usable desktop, and only the last eight seconds or so was actual BeOS.

[logs in to xubuntu]

Xubuntu 8.04 looks really nice, now that I'm on my home LAN and I have crap deleted off the athlon (I had like 30GB of dupes, lol) I might go for dual boot.

Ok, logged in w/ loaded desktop. Grrr. I can't get more than 800x600@32 on this. I know this video chip & vram can do 1024x768@32. Alas, XFCE4 at 800x600 looks pretty nice honestly. Time to check for updates! ... Woo, updates installing!

Okay while those install I'm going to ramble for a moment. First off I've decided that I need to start tagging my blog posts. Not to make them easier to find or categorize, but because all the cool kids are doing it these days. Weather or not I'm going to go back to all my previous posts and tag them is unclear, but certainly all my future posts will be tagged.

That was enough rambles for one paragraph, and my updates just finished downloading, so while they actually install I'm going to move the my music library off the thinkpad onto the Athlon, because I like having synced libraries. Augh, crap. The thinkpad did the thing again where when I RDP into it from the athlon, it turns off it's internal screen and won't turn it back on unless I force reboot it... *Grumble*

I am, however, becoming incredibly intrigued by the idea of putting Xubuntu on the athlon now though. The last time I tried was when I was in Richmond, and if I remember right the main reason I was turned off by it was because there is only mediocre support for my wifi card in linux. But here at home I'm connected to the straight up gig-e switch, so things are different. I still won't have amazingtastic video drivers or whatever, but all my games are in windows anyways so who cares.

Blarg these updates are taking forever. I think what I'm just going to do is finish this post now, and then slap xubuntu on the athlon. Yeah.

Later Gators.

still going...

So it's been about 45 minutes, and Xubuntu is /still/ installing. I gave up on FreeDOS in QEMU (for now?) but would like to see this work. It's probably going so slow because of the HDD I put in it, a random 6.5GB IBM something-or-other.

Will write more as things happens...

So, blah.

Apparently today is Sunday and yesterday was Saturday, meaning that today is still Sunday and the library isn't open on Sunday so I can't do what I was planning on doing today, which was go to the library and pay my thee cent fine, and then either read, or bask in the air conditioning and play with my iPod Touch, or Thinkpad, depending if I brought the thinkpad. But again as I said, neither of my local libraries are open Sundays, the one that's like, twenty miles away might be, but I don't want to ride my rikety old bike on hw264.

So, instead of that I'm sitting here at home, blagging on the athlon, installing FreeDOS in QEMU and Xubuntu 8.04 on the Optiplex. After I do that maybe I'll get some lunch/breakfest, or find something else to do. I'd ride my bike around but it's way too hot to go on a just for fun bikeride. Mom and I will probably take a walk down by the waterfront later though, that's always nice.