Tuesday, March 18, 2008

bored at the library

Since Mom has started working out in Terra Ceia again, and we've only got one car, after classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings I've had to wait at the library until she's done. Usually around 3pm is when she can come out to get me. I get out of ENG111 at 9:15am, so that means I'm at the library for about six hours or so. For the first... hour or two I can usually get most of my eng111 work done and get some lunch at the library cafeteria, but for the rest I'm just bored, listening to music every once in a while, if I remember to bring headphones. At *least* I can get wifi on the R here, in linux, so I can do stuff on my own machine.

It's 1:30 now, so only 1.5hrs left to go, hopefully.

At least hardly anyone is here later in the afternoon, so it's not too bad.