Monday, April 21, 2008

new toys

On the way back from Hannah & Maffew's yesterday we stopped by lando's house and picked up some goodides: a dell poweredge SC420 serverbox and a Sun Ultra5 with kb/mouse. I also got to take the D50 from hannah until she comes back in may, which is awesome.

The Dell is a pretty standard low end dell server, it has a 2.53GHz celeron which I guess is either equilivent to the lower end of a PIV or an early Core Duo, not really sure. It has 768MB RAM in three ECC DDR2 DIMMs (it can apparently take non-ECC too, so I can put lotsa cheap RAM in it) but is only supposed to have 512MB, an interesting story here: sometime when Lando had it one stick started spewing ECC errors, so he called up dell and within a matter of moments they overnighted him a new stick. When he put the new one in he reseated the old one, and boom, that fixed the problem.

It has 80 and 40GB sata HDDs, which makes it my first non-R61i to have sata onboard. I was told by Lando several times that the 80GB, which is a maxtor, the 40 is a seagate, was totally dead and that it was the last maxtor he had to die on him (as in all his maxtors are dead now) though... when I got it home last night and installed debian on it, the 80 formatted right up and I've been dumping several GBs of data on it crazily as of recent... and it's holding up fine. S.M.A.R.T. status also checks out fine, so I dunno.

This, btw, is replacing my current Dell server which is a GX1 with two 80GB HDDs in it. The GX1 is getting old and slow (500MHz PIII) and the fan in the power supply is starting to rattle, making it annoying. Hopefully I can put both 80GB IDE drives in the poweredge for 80+80+80+40 type storage. Won't be able to use the CD drive, though, as it only has one IDE bus. Eventually I'll get a 500GB sata when the prices go under $60, which seems to be soon.

The sun ultra5 is just something lando was getting rid of, and I offered to take off his hands. It's got a 400MHz ultrasparc processor, 768MB RAM (huge RAM, so huge the floppy drive doesn't fit in it) a 60GB IDE hard drive, and a generic IDE CD drive. Not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I have a keyboard and mouse so I can potentially use it as a full on workstation, probably with netbsd or sol.

Right now I'm installing OS9 on my powerbook pismo that I liberated from hannah and pondering food. The poweredge looks like it's almost done copying the first flood of data. Sweet.