Saturday, August 9, 2008

No luck.

Well unfortunately I can't get any of the floppy based drivers to work with either the pcmcia CD drive or ethernet card, so I'm going to go back to playing with the optiplex. Interestingly enough the the 3rd RAM slot in that thing seems to be working, or at least partly, so I'm going to play around with getting three 128s going in it.

Plus when lando moves into ECU in a weekish or so, he's giving me his old GX1, it's basically the same as mine except it has a fancy adaptec SCSI card and two ueberfast SCSI drives, and I think it's a newer mobo revision.

That's all for now, but expect at least three or more blog posts today. I'm really enjoying doing this multiple times a day.

More debian and toshiba

Well my little pcmcia nic didn't seem to be recognized, so I busted out my trusty and never really used IBM pcmcia CD drive. I tested it with an audio CD first and it works fine. Now to see if debian will like it. Only time will tell!

Debian & Toshiba

So after cleaning my room, I've had all this extra space to do stuff, which has been great. Most recently I've been playing with my GX1, but I think that's on the brink of death, and there's only so much amazing stuff you can do with BeOS. So, I dug out my fancypants 486 toshiba laptop. It's one of the sweet gray ones, with 16MB RAM and a 500MB HDD. This one is a little bit beat up, but I decided to try and get debian on it. Obviously it doesn't have a CD drive, so I dug out three high density floppies, my pcmcia 10baseT card, and fired it up. As I type this I've just finished loading the drivers floppy, so we now to get to see if it likes my ethernet card or not.

Here's proof it works:

I'll update more as I work with it.

Cleaning & School

I've always found that I'm most productive in a clean and relatively tidy environent, so I decided that before the school semester started, I'd give my room a throuogh cleaning over. I got rid of a ton of old broken hardware as well as three trash bags worth of old papers and smaller junk. I also moved a lot of my older and less used equipment into my sister's old room, things like monitors and a spare desk. I also used the opprotunity of a clean and open floor to rearrange some furniture. The most noticeable thing I did was move one of my desks to be at a 90deg angle directly next to my main desk, so now when I'm I'm my fancy new swivle chair I can easily move from one to the next, so I can work ok two computers more easily or whatever. Right now I have my dell gx1 set up there running BeOS, very cool. All I have left to clean now is the closet, and it's not that bad.

Also my futon is still out of service due to crappy frame construction, which is lame. Alternatively however, it allows me to experience something very new- sleeping with the futon directly on the floor! It's very hard to get used to at first, but it is a lot nicer than that frame. Most notably because it's more stable, obviously. One lame thing is that it's a little too low for my fan to be pointed at directly, but that's not a huge problem because I recentlybgot a new box fan pulling air in from my front window so it's a lot cooler in here. I also just bought my world civ and English books off abe, got some great deals- saved about $90 combined! Hopefully they get here before the semester starts, whee.

And wow, this whole post was tapped out on my iPod Touch, incredibly intense!